Specialty Items

you can trust your Specialty Items project to Boston Fence & Vinyl.

Our woodworking shop can collectively boast nearly 100 years of combined fence construction experience.

We take great pride in building all types of custom wood fences and structures to match our customers’ vision. Our install foreman are also some of the best in the industry, we pride ourselves on tackling challenges requiring specialized techniques. The expertise of our shop workers and installers are how we can provide Speciality Construction and Speciality Installation products.

Specialty Construction

On occasion our clients will come to us with a very specific vision for a unique fence, structure, or gate.
They are often inspired by fences or structures they’ve seen while traveling or they have their own original vision. Oftentimes, properties require the fence to be tailored very specifically to the site. At Boston Fence & Vinyl we take great pride in fabricating our fences to match our clients’ vision or needs. Our shop foreman JC, and installers can build sections to go up and over stairs, tree roots, over walls, or almost anything required.

Specialty Installation

If fencing were easy, we’d be out of business.
Everything about installing a fence is physically demanding, some projects are demanding of one’s skill as well. Our foreman can install fences by drilling straight through exposed solid rock or in underground granite ledge. They can drill a hole into the stone, set a steel ‘pin’ and connect it directly to another fence post. The landscape my require stepping to navigate uneven terrain. These are just two of many special installation techniques we employ where required. Call us today to schedule a free estimate to discuss your fence needs.