Vinyl Structures

you can trust your vinyl fencing project to Boston Fence & Vinyl.

we've fabricated, installed and repaired custom vinyl fences and gates since 1989

Vinyl Structures are available in all the same offerings as their wood counterparts. We now install vinyl arbors, arbor tops, pergolas, and pergola tops. Pairing a vinyl structure above any style of vinyl gate creates a centerpiece for any vinyl fence project. Please call us anytime to discuss having one of these beautiful structures installed at your home.

Our Other Vinyl Styles:

privacy vinyl fencing

The Daytona style is the staple of privacy vinyl fence. The interlocking system in our privacy fences add significant structural integrity to each section.

semi privacy vinyl fencing

Semi Privacy vinyl fences add numerous decorative topper options to the standard privacy vinyl panel and are usually installed in highly visible areas.

privacy vinyl fencing

Vinyl Structures are a newer offering rapidly growing in popularity. They combine the superb aesthetic of a structure with the durability and low maintenance of vinyl.