Ornamental Fences

you can trust your Ornamental fencing project to Boston Fence & Vinyl.

All our ornamental fences provide a classic look without the maintenance or cost of wrought iron.

There are several different options to customize an ornamental fence
Ornamental fences are offered in numerous different heights, styles, color, and embellishments available. These fences excel at securely enclosing a space without blocking the view. Ornamental fences are superb options to install around a pool.

Steel Fences

The multi-step treatment process ensures maximum resilience to the harsh elements of New England.
Steel fence is unparalleled in strength allowing for extreme durability while maintaining a very low profile. This fence offers an array of customizable options to fit your unique sense of style.

residential Aluminum Fences

residential Aluminum sections are all powder coated via a rigorous process, they are very resistant to rust and fading.
All sections can be ‘racked’ up to 20” allowing us to install even on moderately steep hills. Residential Aluminum has 5/8” pickets, 2” drilled square posts and 6’ long sections. This fencing is available in a wide variety of height and style choices, ask your salesperson for all the details.

light commercial Aluminum Fences

light commercial Aluminum is the heavy duty counterpart to the Colonial Aluminum fence.

This style boasts ¾” thick pickets, heavier rails, and 2 ½” square posts. The thicker construction allows these sections to be assembled into full 8’ lengths which can rack up to 24”. The pickets and rails also use a screwless assembly for a ‘good neighbor’ appeal. Don’t hesitate to ask about all the differences large and small with out ornamental fencing.

Boston Fence & Vinyl installs elegant, long-lasting aluminum and steel fencing for:

Front and back yards
Swimming pool enclosures Security perimeters
Child enclosures
Animal/pet/horse enclosures Parks
Gardens Farms and ranches
Parking lots
Homes and estates
Office complexes
Industrial properties
Housing authorities