Commercial Fences

you can trust your Commercial fencing project to Boston Fence & Vinyl.

Boston Fence & Vinyl is one of the oldest and most experienced commercial fence companies in the Greater Boston area.

Our strong brand and reputation are the result of thousands of satisfied clients and their referrals. We have custom designed and installed more than 30,000 fences and gates since 1989, and continue to be the fence contractor of choice for elegant and long-lasting wood, steel, vinyl and aluminum fences and gates.

We provide the highest quality fences available in Massachusetts at cost-competitive prices.

From apartments to housing authorities and from gas stations to parking lots, we can build a fence that secures and complements your commercial property or business.
 We design & install custom fences to meet our client’s specifications and to complement their business and property. We specialize in new constructions & remodels, dumpster Enclosures, security fences, basketball & tennis courts, bollards. All of our fences are built with grade #1 materials and durable hardware, but are completely customizable by size, color and various enhancements.


Security bollards are a vital component in the contemporary landscape of urban planning and architectural design, acting as robust physical barriers that safeguard various public and private spaces
Typically constructed from heavy-duty materials such as steel, concrete, or cast iron, these unassuming yet powerful protective structures serve a multitude of purposes, from regulating pedestrian and vehicular traffic to shielding sensitive locations from potential threats. Moreover, bollards can be either fixed, retractable, or collapsible, depending on their intended function and the level of security required.

New Construction & Remodels

Offering both security and aesthetic appeal to the developing site.
A well-designed and properly installed fence system not only acts as a deterrent against potential trespassers, theft, or vandalism, but also serves to delineate property boundaries and maintain a sense of order in the surrounding area. With a variety of materials and styles available, such as chain-link, wrought iron, and aluminum, commercial property owners can select the most suitable fencing option to complement their building’s architecture and meet specific security requirements.

Dumpster Enclosures

Fencing for dumpster enclosures is a practical and visually appealing solution for managing waste disposal areas, particularly in commercial and residential complexes.
These enclosures not only serve to contain unsightly waste containers and maintain a clean, organized appearance, but also act as a deterrent against unauthorized access, scavenging, and potential health hazards. In addition to enhancing the overall aesthetics of a property, these enclosures can also comply with local regulations and zoning requirements, ensuring responsible waste management practices. By effectively concealing and securing dumpsters, fencing enclosures contribute to a more pleasant and orderly environment for residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

Security Fences

Internal security fencing is a strategic approach to enhancing safety and access control within a property or facility, effectively dividing spaces and restricting unauthorized movement.
This type of fencing is designed to protect sensitive areas, valuable assets, and critical infrastructure from potential threats or accidents. Constructed from robust materials such as welded wire mesh, chain-link, or steel palisade, internal security fencing offers a high level of durability and resistance to tampering or damage. By establishing clear boundaries and compartmentalizing spaces, internal security fencing fosters a sense of order, safety, and operational efficiency.

Basketball & Tennis Courts

Fencing for basketball and tennis courts is an essential component in the design and functionality of these recreational spaces, providing both safety and aesthetic value to players and spectators alike.
Constructed from durable materials such as chain-link, vinyl, or welded wire mesh, these fences are designed to withstand weather conditions, impacts from balls, and other stresses inherent to athletic activities. By offering a blend of practicality, visual appeal, and safety, fencing for basketball and tennis courts contributes to the enjoyment and success of these popular sporting locations.

Our Promise

Our expertise in making fences and gates is only possible because our team consists almost solely of master craftsman – the majority with 15 to 30 years of experience. Our exquisite workmanship, superior materials, honest prices, and generous warranties are some of the top reasons our business clients have chosen us as their preferred fence contractor.
Additionally, we offer the longest warranties in the area: a two-year warranty on all fence labor and materials, a one-year warranty on our custom gates, and even longer warranties on vinyl, steel and aluminum materials.
We are licensed, bonded and insured, and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. For the best value in commercial fences and gates, call Boston Fence. Estimates are free and provided in writing.